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You've Come a long way baby! Let's Go the Rest of the Way and Finish Strong.

This is probably the gutsiest post I have ever written for many reasons, but I know that commitment is often followed by doubt and fear. I am talking about my elusive goal weight, where I am the perfect BMI, on and off the charts.

For the first time since the last time, I am going for the gold, committing to the finish! Courageously asking for help and support! Determined never to give up! Progress rather than perfection has been my motto, but it's time to set a deadline and get it done before I am dead!

I have already come a long way from the 357.8 lbs I started at, but I still always think I could be there instead of here with the know the lingo, right?

"The Calling in our head is the calling in our heart! You know that thing you were always going to do or finish? We know we are already rocking the world with our current wins, but we must move forward; we must finish. I must finish."

I write about food addiction; I have lived in the recovery and awareness of food addiction for more than 38 years; I am proud to have overcome this and found emotional mastery over a disease that kills so many, I have made a career of my self-help process, and I desire to help millions overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back, I talk and write about food addiction, overcoming food addiction. Even though I don't consider myself any longer controlled by food, until today, I have never given up control of my nutrition plan to trust someone else to coach me in my desired weight and lifestyle or shared my vision of my perfect body.

Today is the day I started just as a slightly overweight person would with a coach who has done it herself. I looked at several coaches in the process. I wanted one working in a program herself and supporting my final efforts to reach my goal, not assuming I would already know everything because of my long Journey from size 32 to my current size 12.

I know a doctor does not treat his own family, and usually not himself, no matter how renowned he is. I have fantastic objectivity with my clients, but I also know we are not as objective with ourselves because it is a direct conflict of interest. Giving up this control is a huge growth of trusting the process and believing I can do it!

What I know for sure is as a child, I was never happy with my body because of the rolly poley teasings I took; as an adult, I have worked hard to quiet the inner critic, and now as a recovered food addict, I can and choose to let go of the most simple things to become powerful, healthy and robust. We are all ready when we are ready, it's never too late, do it, walk through the fears and doubts, and if they exist, do it anyway. No more procrastination. Now is the time!

I am a Virgin when it comes to being my perfect desired weight; because, frankly, I have either been too thick or too thin, either by my standards or someone else's; this time, I decided to go with a pro and fire the inner critic! Something I realize now that everyone has and should do! Isn't it great to know we can silence him/her/it and have a fantastic life?
Walk through my last fears and doubts and make an impression, be an inspiration to myself and others.
"Completing the undone in every area of my life has been one of the most powerful choices I have made toward my success as an author and a coach."
Enjoy the Magic of Ordinary Days, they bring clarity and Inspiration.
Never be ashamed of where you are or where you come from because it is strength for where you are going.

Because I decided to let someone else help me decide what that weight should be for my height and build, my inner critic does not have a say, I desire to finish, to be committed, and to put it out there, not hide it or be ashamed of not being done yet. I will finish strong and reach my goal.

I hope you will join me on this final journey. The courageous journey of releasing the last few pounds. Crossing the finish line with my coach, and as I help others overcome the fear and feelings of Food Addiction, I pray you, my audience, will cheer me on! Share my story and blogs and celebrate courage everywhere you see it.

Echo Laymon Pelster-Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction Author


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