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The Twisted Love of Food

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Think about you what food is to you. What food is not? What non-food items do you eat that are not in alignment with your food value? What unworthy story do you tell yourself that leads you to go against your food belief?

A labor of love this labor day could be some kitchen purification around this subject.

Create an opportunity for clarity; I already know what you might think.

What about special occasions? My question to you is, is it food to you? Enjoy it; if it's not any other day, why would you change your mind about it today?

Freedom comes through clarification and realization; we must be honest with ourselves in every circumstance.

We Deserve that! #opportunity#change#love

So this weekend when you have that thought that you have been good and you can treat yourself, remember not to mistreat yourself with the treat.

Echo Laymon Pelster-Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝Author of The Twisted Love of Food Addiction

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