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Getting Rid of Bad Habits Leads to Great Leads and Super Earning!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

  • There are many forms of abstinence; abstinence from a person, place, things or even substances is a choice that often needs to be made for personal peace and good health to an all-time high.

  • All abstinence has a benefit somehow. I used to get distracted by friends, hang out too long, and constantly be tired the next day, and it cost me income, attitude, and performance because I had lost sleep and couldn't play full out.

  • My Gran always said to choose your friends wisely.

  • And my husband says to get to know someone for about six months before you do business.

  • You can think it all the way through. Is it a win, win, and remember there are two sides to every story, decision, or complaint?

After 41 years in sales, I know how important it is to be rested and willing to serve at a peak performance level. And I can honestly say that I was not up to par when I did partake on a work night. Wow, that was something I realized 25 years ago. I love an early dinner on a Friday evening. But my family will not pay the price of my late night on Saturday.

  • My Goal is never to lose customers but to have customers that I serve with multiple services in many areas, many ways for years and years, and once I realized being on top of my game built credibility and visibility, it changed how I did everything.

Never apologize for being assertive and to the point. Time is valuable; seeing more clients in a day because you are on your game is a big payoff.

Abstinence is a personal choice for many reasons, but whatever the reason, congratulations because the decisions are powerhouse ways to love yourself, purify your mind-body, create self-discipline, build solid relationships and change every single aspect of how your look at our world and the people in it not to mention an opportunity to experiment with the possibilities in business, because there is no real competition, just doing better by a little bit every single day.

Echo Laymon Pelster-Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝Author of The Twisted Love of Food Addiction


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