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Outfox Your Fat Bully!

Have you spent way to much time criticizing yourself since the first of the year when you failed your resolution on the first day, a few days, or within the first week? No Blame, No Shame. Let's get you back in the game!

Do your messages to yourself sound something like this?

1. “I can’t ever achieve my ideal body weight.”

2. “I’m always going to be unhealthy.”

3. “I’m too weak and ashamed to change my life?

4. "I've been so good this week I deserve a treat! And your treat derails you completely and throw you off track for the next week or longer! Are you ready to fight back?

my life.”

5. “I can’t do anything about my weight.”

6. “My size determines my success.”

7. “I can’t get myself to exercise and make healthier decisions.”

8. “I don’t have enough motivation and support to lose weight.”

9. “I’m too embarrassed to try new activities.”

10. “My obese body limits what I can do.”

11. “I’ll never look like the people in the media.”

Everything changes every day. You can too.

Echo Pelster: Motivational Keynote Speaker, Experienced Mindset & Empowerment Coach, Best Selling Author, The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction Author, and Group Mindset Coach for Gastric Procedure Teams & Patients.

Monika Garmus: International anti-bullying motivational speaker, Author of "Overcome Bullying," Founder of OutFox Your Bully," An experienced Mindset Coach.


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