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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Anger is one of the strangest things people hang onto. I read articles about people going to anger management. That’s a crazy thought why would you want to manage that? Why not just get rid of it? Yes we all will feel emotion and anger from time to time, and how we respond to that and anger will always matter, and that response will always influence the outcome of the feeling and events that created it. What’s interesting about anger is a lot of times people hold resentment against someone else, and they tell the whole world and fail to go to the person they’re angry at. That’s giving a lot of energy to someone who doesn’t even know that you’re angry. When we forgive we forgive ourselves, for all the rotten things we said and felt about that person and we let them go too. Forgiveness’s not an edict to go and be friends with someone else, it doesn’t mean that we have to trust someone else, it just means that we choose to let it go. Letting go of negative emotions improves your body, reduces stress, reduces cortisol levels, and makes you a healthier person all around. Forgive someone today. Start in your heart ❤️ the rest will come. #events #people #energy l

Echo Laymon Pelster-Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction Author


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