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Living Out Loud a Journey: Willfulness Creates a Wall, Willingness Opens the Floodgates to Success!

You know you are genuinely changing when you decide to give up control of the little things and become willing to learn what you don’t know; when we hire a coach instead of coaching ourselves, we can springboard to the next level.

It's still true, even today, that two heads are better than one; two sets of eyes make sense as others can see differently what we cannot and target our blind spots if we are willing to listen.

We can only coach ourselves to the highest level of who we are as a coach; when we hire a coach now, we can use our intuition with that coach knowledge and take the quantum leap we have been waiting for! #coaching #willing #practicemanagement

We all travel roads and experiences that make sense beyond the simplicity of reason at one point or another. We know there is no shame or blame in past choices as they are only experiences. People who suffer from addictions cannot simply go back and sample a little of this or that from their past and think it will not be a problem, often, a little becomes a lot, and everything is out of control once again.

We must be in sync and find balance in the majority of the core principles of life to have the peace and serenity we each deserve. Suppose our consciousness says something is wrong, and we do it anyway to please someone else, or we suddenly believe we can suddenly do something successfully that has undone us in the past. In that case, we must consider whether our biochemistry has changed and has some magic power to repel the harmful effects of the said substance or substances on our bodies.

Trusting our instincts about ourselves is crucial. If we have been in a negative pattern in the past due to behavior, why do we believe it would be different next time?

Addiction is different than bad habits. Addiction means abstinence at all costs to sobriety, whether you are addicted to sugar, alcohol, or any other substance. But that does not mean you cannot become self-disciplined and be in optimal health.

Optimal health is a choice of what you believe about a particular thing, like optimal foods, exercise, choices, and habits. Seemingly Small habits can become big habits. For a permanent lifelong change, that becomes a lifestyle, not a chore.

Willfulness puts up a wall, and overcoat, a cast iron stopper. Nothing gets in or out. But willingness allows us to seek new information, be coachable and learn. They are both a choice of what works for you.

Not falling for the newest gimmick of the season. The newest diet pill, the newest app, the newest shake mix, and the newest calorie-reduced food or bar will be a win. Think about the last time you fell for it and the money you spent in the process. How long did it last? After your initial enthusiasm and excitement about the big purchase, how long did you continue on that course?

We all need supplementation or probably some kind of multivitamin for sure. Find one that works for you, and go for it. (ask your doc what he recommends).

The road to optimal health comes in micro-type habits built into our day. Not quick fixes. And I question any food that is "processed to be healthier than God's food." When you're not eating their food, all these programs recommend God's food. Isn't that an interesting fact? So as the Gimmick season perks up, you decide. People do not fail diets. Diets fail people. A healthy optimal lifestyle wins every time. So as the offers come in, think about a process that allows you to think about it (avoid the impulsive purchase). Challenge is truth, especially if you have experience; stop and Decide. Is this true for myself and what I believe about food, lifestyle, and how I desire and envision myself living?

In this week's photo, I did not change my diet, stayed at about 105 carbs maximum, and walked 7000 + steps daily.

Echo Laymon Pelster is a Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist🐝RICP, CTLC 🐝Soon to Be CHfC🐝NAIFA Since 2012🐝To Blessed to Be Stressed!🐝Courage To Change Facilitator🐝

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