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Instead of Pointing at the Child’s Weight Why Don’t We Point to Processed Food Content?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Remembering how I felt heavier than other kids as a child, I can tell you that being pointed out that way hurt emotionally, looking back I wasn't fat then, pictures don't lie, but I was told by others I weighed too much for my age or height according to the chart. Luckily we know a lot more about the natural height and build not being so stereotyped today, or is it?

However, I heard from all these well-meaning people how my body wasn't right for my age, as a child you thought I was fat, so I saw myself through your eyes, and yes I became Obese, that's why I am so turned off about Child Obesity Awareness Day tomorrow because the messages of well-meaning people predicted what I would become, but once you plant an idea into a child's mind the child may become what the adult predict's I did.

Where the Mind Goes the Body Follows! And I believed what I was told and I began to eat like what I was told. I was nine. With what looks like to me a somewhat pre-hormonal build and a German-English natural stocky build. But now I was supposed to look like the kids on T.V. and the models in the magazines.

Before becoming Obese, I tried exercise, starving, and throwing up only resulting in delaying my own messages from well-meaning people. Did they do it on purpose? No. Was my body their business? No. The well-meaning school nurse, my uncle who I later saw as an ass, and my mother make me feel like something was wrong with me. I believed them until I didn't. then I could talk to myself differently and know that their opinions were not of my value.

I can not say loud enough how CHILDHOOD OBESITY AWARENESS needs to be focused on the people who provide the choices of food for children and leave the kids out of the conversation. Kids will eat well if they are offered great choices, let them pick from the variety and resolve the problem naturally not with some mental message that leaves them feeling like they are not like everyone else, this singling out is destructive.

This week I would challenge you to look at ingredient labels at your grocery store. Not for calorie content or for fat gram content that may or may not exist in reality. (another blog another day).

But, look at an ingredient that seems to be the common denominator and everything! In fact, I would challenge you to see how many products you can find without this product.

Yes, some of you have already guessed it, it’s the big S word. It’s sugar.

I have attached a couple of links below, to this report on research on how sugar works in the body and its addictive principles.

Many people do not realize that sugar is 30 times more addictive than heroin it just does not create the behavioral acting out in the same way.

I remember an article in the 1970s that told us not to feed our kids bananas because it would make them hype

r. Now here in the 2020s we suddenly don’t notice that sugar is in everything. In many ways, I personally have lost respect for food manufacturers and marketers who called themselves whole clean foods, when they open their stores they didn’t have a lot of isles and they didn’t look like supermarkets, now the seemingly healthy food stores are loaded with tons of junk food under a better for you name.

We must look after ourselves when others won't be socially responsible. Would you give your child alcohol and allow him to be alcohol addicted on purpose? Of course not, then why would you or do you with the knowing potential with sugar? Is the convenience worth the health of anyone or anything? When I grew up we had a sugar bowl, society no longer needs this item because manufacturers put sugar in almost everything. Why? because they know you will eat more food than you need and it lines their pocketbooks well, you buy more and eat more.

Let me get this clear sugar in any form is still sugar, I picked up a bottle of agave sugar at a store only to find sugar was added to it so it would taste good enough to eat.

Do you know that there are nearly 100 names for sugar now? Google that! it hides in places you don't even know. My husband quit sugar last year and continued to eat normally and lost 25 pounds from that decision, I lost 22 that's 47 pounds between us with one decision!

For me, food is more of a Paleolithic diet, because it’s what our ancestors foraged for, or hunted for, although I’m pretty sure they didn’t have blanched almond flour, so we do have to use our own common sense.

The way I remember how to feed myself and my family today is God‘s Food God's way.

Then we come to the issue of dairy, dairy has only been in the human diet for about 10,000 years, archaeologists have discovered that people prior to that didn’t even have osteoporosis or cavities, but osteoporosis has become more prominent in countries that eat a lot of dairy products. And in countries like Sweden and Switzerland were very is very prominent in the diet they even have higher rates of osteoporosis.

We also see more cavities with the use of yes d

airy but then isn’t it tooth a bone in its own way? I think I’ve brought up some questions that anyone truly serious about their own health could start investigating.

Sugar as your new Opioid or Dopamine shot got my attention here! We may want to think twice before we give this as a reward for good behavior or a fix for bad behavior.

I would encourage you to investigate for yourself what is food to you, if you decide something is not food for you feel free to take it out of your diet.

I know someone’s going to say but what do I do on special occasions, well ask yourself is this food to me? And if it’s not why would you put it back in your diet moderately or for a special occasion?

Are you looking for moderate health?

Sugar consumption feed>manufacturing> your Poor Health Feeds>Medical Facilities>Hospice>Funeral People.

Where would you rather spend your money?

Echo Laymon Pelster-Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction Author


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