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If your body is a temple what are you sacrificing?

Were you taught to believe  your body is a temple?

Well, in

ancient times a temple was a place of bloodletting and sacrifice, unfortunately, in our society, many have allowed their bodies to become a place of sacrifice, yes, it’s where they sacrifice their self-control, self judgment, moderation, their good sense, the well-being and the dignity.

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way and a better course.

Stories make our world what they are.  Stories make us who we are.

For 40 years, I waited to write my book I put it off. During that time I went through two gastric bypasses and gained and lost over 777 pounds.

I told myself all kinds of stories and excuses about why I couldn’t lose weight or write my book putting it off instead of getting started and getting it done.

40 years runs by pretty quickly, when in reality I could  do the writing I just wouldn’t, finally as time and years went by. The heaviest weight I carried was regret.

I realized that if I didn’t write my book now, when would it happen? I had lost the pounds of pain years ago and the weight almost 25 years ago, kept it off. It was a deep and burning desire to help others release their pounds of pain and offer them tools without a food list, dietary plan or exercise plan. A book about how the mind chooses to cope with life using substance. For me the substance was food.

It was time if not now?

When would my life change? When would my book be published?

One of the things that always held me back, was I was waiting for my life to become perfect, something to make me worthy.

Something to justify everything, but I realized through it all is that nobody is perfect and everyone is worthy.

I finally told a story, I hope it will help you feel worthy in every single way in your world.

And I hope it will help you find your spiritual place and the great scheme of things because you are worthy!

This weekend is a special weekend, because this is the weekend that we launch the book with an effort to make it a best seller, I hope you will be on board and purchase your copy and possibly another for a friend.

Order Here:

Thank you for your purchase, & reviews in advance and Thank you for helping me live my dream and bringing my dream to reality.

I hope my book will fill your life and heart with the fire of purpose, goodness, and grace.

And inspire you to fulfill your life's purpose after all, dreams do come true!


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