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I Gave Up Snorting Cookies, Now What?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I’m talking about food addiction, white flour, processed foods, and sugar addiction.

Can a cupcake or cookie be as dangerous as a hard drug? In terms of how your brain makes decisions about your health, the answer is actually yes. Your brain lights up in a way you never imagined if you are secretly struggling with this problem, and secrets cannot be fixed only brought out into the light.


Everywhere you go, you are inundated with advertisements and enticing pictures of highly processed, highly addictive food. Our five senses take over, and we are lured by this cheap, portable, and readily non-food food items, 24/7, available at nearly all times. Super Processed, Flavor enhanced, Ultra-refined sugar and flour can cause insatiable false hunger patterns and bullying cravings, leading to a loss of control.

If you’ve ever eaten handful after handful of snacks while wishing you could stop, you’ve experienced the addictive power of food. It’s frustrating, and it can destroy your self-confidence, especially when you woke up this morning promising yourself today, I will eat clean, and then you have a party with all your favorite snacks by evening. Over time, those moments of powerlessness add pounds, steal self-confidence, interfere with daily living, wreck relationships and destroy your waistline, ruin your health, and steal years from your life and retirement plans.


Leptin is the hunger suppressant hormone released by your fat cells that tells your brain you are not hungry anymore. Researchers have found, however, that as insulin rises in response to eating sugar and flour in refined food, it blocks leptin, which means that the signal that should tell your brain it’s time to stop never eating actually gets to the brain.

This isn’t losing a battle of willpower. This isn’t a sign that you are somehow broken or weak. The root of this kind of food addiction is biological. In fact, researchers have found that sugar and flour can light up the brain just like cocaine and heroin. It has also been proven to release dopamine and provide opioid effects.

That’s how powerful foods can be! They can turn off your body’s natural safeguards and then flood your system with dopamine so that you desire the unhealthy foods even more. The more you give into it and eat it the more it will call out to you through false hunger and insatiable cravings.

Guarding Your Leptin Switch--- The Good Hormone that Turns off False Hunger and Those Wacky Uncontrollable Cravings!

Some of us are more susceptible to food addiction than others. To be clear: It’s not your fault if you are one of these individuals. You have simply developed a survival tool, but now you are past the trauma, danger, or maybe simply grown up and able to take care of yourself, and maybe you are ready to break the habit and acquire a healthy habit to replace it.

This is your biological makeup and not the result of who you are, your character, or your potential. No Shame, No Blame, Let's Get You Back in The Game of Life, Healthy Habits and Lifestyle.

While everyone should keep refined sugar and flour out of their system, some of us can enjoy a snack on a special occasion without harming our daily regimen.

The key, though, is learning about yourself and your body. If you find that you lose control when refined sugar hits your system, avoid it altogether. My personal experience was the more in control I tried to be, the more out of control I was, and the more sugar I ate!

Over time, with help from your coach and new power skills, you will find it easier and easier to decline these foods, keeping your leptin (a good hormone made by adipose tissues that regulate energy by inhibiting hunger instead of falsely creating it as sugar does.) flowing and giving you control over your appetite again.

If you’d like to learn more about dealing with addictive food and assess your susceptibility to these foods, please reach out to me for your individualized assessment with no obligation.

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