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"Forgiveness isn't approving what happened. It's choosing to rise above it." ~ Robin Sharma

Resenting anything or anyone is like allowing someone to live rent-free in your head. On the outside, we often say "I'm fine" to the person we resent, and then on the inside, we punish ourselves with overeating, alcohol, or maybe simple self-loathing; it's silent and sub-conscious, it has been there a long, long time.

Why do you fear telling the person you are really angry with how you feel? Still, maybe you would tell everyone else in the world about how you are angry or have been wronged, maybe you stomp on their character while tarnishing yours with the entire conversation, but you won't talk to the person you claim to be angry with?

Some may say childishness, blame, or shame, but from experience, I believe it's because it is untrue. It is simply a lie you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. The person you may need to talk with is yourself; the good news is you can do no harm in the process.

No more blame or shame. Just looking at your part in things can relieve your appetite for all the things that are not in alignment with your goals. Food, Alcohol, relationships, and living well and honestly is a form of self-respect; being honest with yourself will heal your relationships with others.

Echo Laymon Pelster is a Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Coach. Echo Speaks for organizations in the promotion of self-healing, and self-awareness so people can finally laugh again. Fill out the contact form @ and she will reach out and follow up. Most bookings are up to 6-weeks out.


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