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Being the Flame that Ignites Others. Choosing to be Angels' Among us.

This last week I had a fantastic conversation with a woman from eastern Europe that read my book and loved it!

The love for the book was the ability to walk through a fire and still have a flame that ignites and inspires others.

The ability to find a voice and overcome a story. Stories happen to us every moment of every day; we are all creating a story right here.

When I gifted this book, the woman told me she didn't think she would read it; SHE being beautiful, intelligent, highly educated, and very model-like, didn't need The Twisted Love of Food Addiction By Echo Laymon Pelster.

But even though she was beautiful physically, I saw an emotional fire within her, and I knew I wanted someone who looked and walked like her to read my book; her confidence poured out of her, and mine held firm, she accepted, and through the holiday season, she read every word.

"When you offered the book to me, I thought it was a diet or food program, she told me, but she said it's so much more. It is a freedom opportunity, an Ignition switch to new life, no matter where your body is". "salvation to see things differently and know that God does exist and does love you."

At that moment, I knew she was my angel. I knew I had given the book to someone who would hear the valid message of how our mindsets, attitudes, and habits affect us daily.

The story of no matter how bullied you were, no matter what had been done to you by others, yourself, or your life, is just a circumstance that can be overcome.

This woman's story and perception of my book set my life on fire in a whole new way, a way that inspires me to keep telling my story and speaking to organizations changing lives one at a time if necessary.

This woman chose to be my angel, to bring good into my life, read my book, rate it and reach out to me, allowing me to know how my book impacted her, inspiring me to recognize the good I was doing, and reminding me how we could truly change the world by simply reaching out to someone every day without expectation, only inspiration and ignition.

Setting our hearts on fire for the benefit of others!

The Story is the story; everyone has one.

What will you do because of yours?

My dream is to set people on fire for self-love, superior health, dreams beyond their wildest unreasonable expectations, and fire your past for the future you deserve.

ECHO LAYMON PELSTER: Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Mindset & Empowerment Coach🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist🐝OverComer🐝The Twisted Love Of Food Addiction Author 🐝Professional 🐝

My New program will launch on February 6, 2022, Inspiring Champions: Inspiring Champions For Health, Wealth, and Freedom To a New You! A 40-week program commitment Mastermind to change Your life! Register Here>


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