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Becoming Weightless Creating Healthy Habits

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Why is it that when we start something new, we want to go gung how and do everything perfectly all at once? Then before we know it, everything is a shambles because we have neglected everything all at once.

All-or-nothing thinking gets in the way of progress no matter what you try to accomplish, be it a sales goal or a healthy eating plan.

Gung-Ho is not our friend; however, when we look for progress rather than perfection in ourselves and others, our attitude and aptitude for change heighten.

Selecting one new habit each week to replace a habit that is not in alignment with yourself is a great way to replace the old and inspire the new, whether you need to make more calls to promote your business or sit down for a healthy lunch.

Take it a step further, eat a healthy sit-down lunch with a prospective client. Never eat alone, and create a selling is serving event.

We can't change everything in a day; we can build momentum daily.

What we carry from our past is weight to our bodies and souls. 🐝💕

Could you drop the past? 🐝💕and replace it with a positive presence.

Trust the Future with Gigantic Faith; & Enjoy Today. 🐝💕

Where the mind goes, and the heart lives, the business and the body follow. #trust #body # #weightless 🐝💕

I love my sales entrepreneurship, and I am always looking for new opportunities to grow,and products to offer.

Helping others makes my soul smile. Self-care keeps me in the practicing what I preach mode.

My New Book Shares a process to bring you home to yourself. 🐝💕

The Twisted Love of Food Addiction By Echo Laymon Pelster is now available! 🐝💕

I am so excited to continue to help others overcome🐝💕 #becomeweightless

Motivational Keynote Speaker 🐝Lifestyle, Mindset & Empowerment Coach For Lasting Weight Loss 🐝Best Selling Author 🐝Practice Management Specialist For Weight Loss Professionals🐝Certified Health & Nutrition Coach🐝Author of The Twisted Love of Food Addiction


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