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A Little Trama Goes a Long Way

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Everyone in the world copes with different things differently; when Vern and I got married 25 years ago, I twiddled my thumbs through the entire ceremony and didn't even know until I saw the video later. Nervous, anxious energy plays out in many forms.

Trama Plays out even more different than the funny little things we do as we use

nervous energy.

Underneath most addictions, mental and emotional factors drive a person to abuse substances. But the feeling of anxiety can feel the same; the original trauma and nervous energy or stress can sometimes flashback. Because the surface touches the same, it's perceived differently, however, by conscious and subconscious memory.

It is vital to learn to feel, experience and move through it.

Every time we don't run to the refrigerator or the local pub to overcome loneliness, we have walked through the fire that kept us living in fear before this day. Fear will not destroy us; it is just a feeling like everything else. Maybe you remember watching scary movies as kids, you were afraid, but you didn't die from it; the world did not end. The great news is life is just another thriller.

When it comes to trauma, there is a distinct connection between substance abuse, addiction, and childhood trauma. We learn to use something else, not to feel this moment here and now. Then we need more and more to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings; eventually, there is never enough, and life spins out of control, whether your addiction is sugar or something more extensive like drugs and alcohol.

After all, the events of a person’s childhood play an essential role in their mental and emotional development; all we know is we don't know what to do, so we do what is available or allows us to escape from the issues at hand, or feelings or our circumstances.

Our environment shapes our brains. We are the sum of everything we are exposed to in our lifetime. We have no choice about that, but we have a choice of whether we will stay there or work toward higher consciousness.

Traumatic experiences often profoundly affect how a person copes with emotions and reacts to stressful situations.  We can learn great lessons and gratefulness for the things we go through that make us stronger and more resilient, or we can complain and moan. Some of my greatest strengths come from some of my most trying times.

Not all who have suffered trauma become addicts, but all addicts have been traumatized.

Knowing this fact, perhaps you will hold your judgment and become more curious about how you can help them get to the next level and see themselves and others differently.

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