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A Collaborative Book Writing Experience and Learning to Honor My Internal Red Flags.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

What you need to know and questions you need to know to ask.

  • I believed I would be able to get royalties on my own book cover. Haven't received a dime. The Publisher is the one getting paid for my work and creativity.


  • The first story I heard was launch day royalties would be paid, and we worked hard the become an International Amazon Best Seller. FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S MONETARY GAIN UNKNOWINGLY! MEGA RED FLAG TO WATCH FOR!

  • "My Gold" package costs more than $4000 and promotional items for my own book cover and promotional information that I could have purchased anywhere on FIVVER or between $15-$400. Big Learning Lesson. Now I know.

  • My cover had the publisher's name on the spine and cover and I paid that unknowingly extra for this exclusive opportunity to have my own cover!

  • I paid 2500 more dollars more than other participants "for my own cover that is littered with someone else's name unknowingly. RED FLAG AND HUGE FOUL!

  • I would have uploaded it to KDP and Made Money for my writing and efforts. I learned how people are willing to prey on your lack of knowledge on a subject and not knowing better questions to ask. BECOME A GOOD ASK HOLE and ASK! ASK! ASK!!

  • The second story was about we would receive royalties for the first 30 days of sales. Royalties and now on the first 60 days of sales! Humm.. the story floats. RED FLAG!

  • Bottom line we did not receive Payment! OUCH!

  • I believed I would forever own my own information. The Collaborative Publisher Copy Righted the entire book under her own name. Which contained my story and information. BIG RED FLAG! NOW I AM FEELING VIOLATED!

  • I believed I would be getting additional learning value and help with my KDP Author account. It just did not happen. BUMMER!

  • Which is set up on my KDP account so far was set up by me. I supposedly have my own special ISBN number WHY? however I do not get paid, no one showed me how to get paid, and I have no way to order the books personally without giving someone else my credit card information, I.E.; The Publisher, Having you own link would allow you to cut the ties and use your investment as you saw appropriate since you paid for it. So now to order my books I feel a bit like a hostage for my own paid and purchased product. RED FLAG! Personal access to your own purchase is IMPORTANT! THEY COULD DIE THEN WHAT?

  • I believed that I would know how many books were actually sold so I could know and have disclosed book sales. (so first, 60 days launch commissions were transparent and accountable). Well, the book launched on June 8, 2021, on Amazon, and 60 days have come and gone, with no statement of sales or check in my mailbox. RED FLAG!

  • I believed I would be getting specialized learning one hour each month about book publishing and authoring, and what I really got was constant pushing toward an MLM product of essential oils. GET A LIST OF THE COACHING AND TEACHING PROTOCOL and BENEFITS or at LEAST TOPICS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN!

  • I guess I need this experience so you would know what to ask, So You would know to get it in writing, and you could be advised of any and all conflicts of interest that really should never be part of an authoring experience.

  • I tried to back out of the book cover and asked for a refund and that was denied. I was offered an additional 8 hours of coaching but with the coaching being not the information I originally thought and desired, as my goal was to be an author, not a network marketer, I passed.

  • When I joined a collaborative book of 30 heart-centered authors I believed I was writing my own book. What was good was all the stories and women I met in the process. Their stories are exemplary.

  • I am proud of my story and the stories of all the women who participated.

  • I am honored by the beautiful forward by Jack Canfield.

What I am angry about the most is I did ask questions and I got hornswoggled, but all the red flags were there and I did not listen to my gut instinct which was screaming NO!

Anytime I brought up any of the above issues, It was ignored, not responded to, or swept under the rug. YIKES!

I was very upset with my myself for being excited and telling friends and getting them in the same potential situation, I am sorry if that happen to them as my enthusiasm was genuine and my excitement was legitimate. (even though hindsight left me feeling like a sucker.)

I learned to Honor My Internal RED FLAGS! Our instincts are there for a reason to keep us safe.

I Learned to never give a referral or testimony until the job is done!

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